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11,000 runs for the Modern Era Legend : Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, aka the run machine, is currently, without a shadow of a doubt, the best batsman in the world as he has been dominating every format of the game for more than five years he is simply remarkable.

He has been in astonishing form ever since he took charge as Indian captain. Be it in the longer-version or limited-overs cricket, the Delhi-born cricketer never misses an opportunity to make it count, hence touching new heights with each passing day.

The 30-year-old has already crossed 11000 runs in ODI cricket while also owns over 6600 Test runs.

He went past Indian legend, Sachin Tendulkar to become the fastest to score 11,000 runs in One-day internationals.

With due respect to every player, he is the only batsman who could break Sachin Tendulkar’s records, the legend Sachin Tendulkar retired by smashing a mammoth 18,426 runs and 49 centuries across a 463 match career, Sachin Tendulkar played his last ODI against Pakistan.

However, what he also left behind was a prodigy, a sheer batting genius molded pretty much in the same clay as he himself was. Batting at the other end that day was the 23-year-old Virat Kohli, who was just one year old when Tendulkar first represented India, ready to carry forward a legacy, and to establish one of his own.

He has so nonchalantly raised the bar of batting and record breaking, that now when he comes out and weaves his magic, breaking and creating records, they hardly come as surprises. A stat that could fathom his recent achievement of entering the 11,000 club in a record 222 innings.

Innings taken by Virat Kohli to each milestone :

1,000 runs : 24 innings
2,000 runs : 53 innings
3,000 runs : 75 innings
4,000 runs : 93 innings
5,000 runs : 114 innings
6,000 runs : 136 innings
7,000 runs : 161 innings
8,000 runs : 175 innings
9,000 runs : 194 innings
10,000 runs : 205 innings
11,000 runs : 222 innings

His vision and intensity of playing are speechless. He gives everything he has on the field and plays every match as his last match. His hunger and drive for the game are out of the world, he brings pure joy to the game of cricket. The way he strikes a ball and puts it between the two fielders is a true class he is truly a modern-day great.

Virat Kohli is one of the greatest batsmen of the modern cricketing era. He has taken run-scoring in cricket to a whole new level, surpassing batting records at a very swift rate. Even the burden of captaincy hasn’t had any effect on his prodigious run scoring, instead, he has created many records as a skipper as well.

There are many qualities that one can associate with Kohli- determination, perseverance, grit, optimism, bravery, aggression, self-belief, confidence, passion and the list can go on and on. But the one quality that makes Kohli Virat and makes him stand apart from all others playing the sport is his consistency. The ability to turn up day in day out undeterred, and to do the same thing harmoniously, with undiminished passion and hunger is what sets King Kohli apart. The fact that he has left us all speechless shows how insanity- beyond a limit- leads to humans becoming inarticulate.


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Hemant Sood
Hemant Sood

Beautifully written. Fastest to every milestone 8k runs onwards. A delight to watch each time he steps o the field. Has taken fitness to a new level.
Has become a long sighted captain too. Yesterday, he accepted the fact that Bhuvi’s injury could worsen if he bowled in the match again and – though the game was evenly poised then’- went on calmly to use lesser bowlers, rather then risk Bhuvi.
A statesman too now.

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