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Afghanistan are aiming to win 2023 ODI World Cup: Karim Khan Sadiq

Karim Khan Sadiq , the experienced cricketer from Afghanistan had an informal insta chat with cricview on 19th May in which he spoke his heart out about the game in his country and how it was looked upto several years ago.

It was a tough job to pursue cricket in Afghanistan and Karim disclosed that he was beaten up by his parents whenever he played cricket but he never gave up on his determination to play the game which finally yielded positive results.

Karim disclosed that people in Afghanistan used to mock at them when they started to play cricket as they never believed ,the sport can be pursued in award stricken country. There were absolutely no facilities for cricket in Afghanistan,  and hence it was a huge struggle to play the game at a top level. However the cricketers proved the people of the country wrong , started putting  up good performances at international level and thereby proved that Afghanistan can compete.  Karim spoke very highly of Indian cricket board ,which supported Afghanistan cricket in a major way , including hosting Afghanistan home matches and therefore the Afghan cricketers love India .

Karim mentioned that Srilanka before winning 1996 World cup were like minnows and therefore taking the confidence from that, he feels that Afghanistan will keep fighting and aim to win the World Cup in 2023.

About his role models , Karim mentioned the names of Tendulkar and Lara . He also stated that Rashid Latif was his favourite keeper .

Indeed it must be said that with limited facilities , Afghanistan has come a long way and even beat Bangladesh in test cricket. Also they almost beat India in World Cup 2019 . With their determination to succeed , if Afghanistani players continue to keep gaining valuable experience, they  will keep climbing up the ladder in World cricket.


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