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Corona pandemic stalls World of Sport and IPL

IPL 2020 in doubt

As we enter last stages of the first quarter of 2020, the enormity of corona virus has engulfed accross continents to such an extent that human life is virtually coming to a standstill and so is the world of sport and cricket. While Corona virus affected people touching nearly 7 lacs in the World with 25000 plus deaths , the world of sport and cricket is facing an unprecedented scenario since the days of World War II.  As strong instructions of keeping oneself sanitised and within homes is being passed around by Goverments of all nations and with restrictions on overseas flights accross the globe, the World of Sport  has suspended all sporting activities. The two biggest showpiece events of 2020 , the Tokyo Olympics and the Euro soccer have plunged into uncertainty as finally both Euro soccer and Olympics had to be postponed by a year ( to be held in 2021) . Very sensible decisions.

The World of cricket has their itinerary in doldrums. The most affected is the World test championships with Srilanka England series being cancelled and there are serious doubts on Australia v Bangladesh series as well as England v West Indies and even England v Pakistan. With so many series cancelled, or postponed ,the World test championships schedules are thrown out of gear.  Even the T20 World cup in October  is getting into a state of doubt in the current global situation.
The IPL had earlier kept its temporary start date as 15th April ,however that looks highly unlikely now with Corona cases in India and abroad on a rapid rise and players are being advised to be in their homes and not to train.  BCCI is mulling with the idea of having a truncated IPL from June onwards if situations improve having 8 teams split into 2 groups . Alternatively they are also looking at having IPL during July to August but with monsoons accross the country that may not be a success and moreover with T20 World cup more closer, international teams might not release their players for IPL. Again if the IPL is held from June, overseas participation look difficult with Global restrictions on foreign travel which will not get lifted unless the global outrageous spread of this virus is stopped soon. This might reduce this years IPL into a totally domestic based tournament (if at all its held) with only Indian players participating and thus IPL 2020 will lose its charm and USP . This  will result in great financial loss but with the enormity of the Corona virus outbreak , the board and the franchisees will have to take this in their stride and their last meeting about 2 weeks back as all about wait and watch.
Thus all things considered ,it looks only a matter of time before IPL 2020 is cancelled for the year. It will be a miracle even if we get to see a truncated IPL.
We only hope and pray that this global pandemic is controlled at the earliest and human life gets back to normalcy . Sport and cricket is not the priority now. The global control of this virus is of utmost importance to save the mankind before it’s too late.

Amitava Mukherjee

A commerce graduate with work experience in Banking sector. An avid sports enthusiast. Big fan of soccer cricket and tennis

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