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Corona virus menace dismantles sporting events accross the World, IPL in doubt

IPL tentatively to start from 15th April and could be a truncated event in front of empty galleries

In a matter of few days , the human life has been thrown nearly out of gear due to the ominous outbreak of Corona virus in various countries accross the world leading to major chaos around the world in all areas of activity. The virus has taken alarming proportions in China and various European countries and has already shown ominous signs as it is fast cutting accross continents leading to shut down of schools, market places, movies, theatres and sporting events. People travelling across to different countries are subjected to Corona virus tests before entering the country of travel and various nations have stopped allowing visas to control this menace.

The whole scenario has led to total breakdown of sporting activities in the world with all major and minor sporting events getting virtually cancelled or postponed. The two biggest scheduled sporting events in  the World during 2020, the Olympics and the Euro Nations football are in danger of postponement while all the high profile soccer leagues, the La Liga, the EPL, serie A , Bundesliga etc have stopped their games until further notice as has been the NBA in USA.

The cricket fraternity has already followed suit. South African touring team has returned from India without playing the ODI series and after playing the 1st ODI behind closed doors at SCG ,Australia and New Zealand have decided to cancel their remainder ODI series as well as their T20 series in New Zealand. Similarly ,England cancelled their Srilankan tour and respective countries cancelled their domestic cricket schedules.

For the Indian cricket fans ,the biggest event at this time of the year  ,the IPL has been postponed till 15 th April tentatively. Further the BCCI head has stated that the board is monitoring the situation closely and a truncated IPL this year is a big possibility. The franchisee owners are looking at the larger picture and are not discussing possible financial losses .Moreover even if its held, IPL will be most likely played  in empty stadiums which is a major setback as sporting events thrive of public presence on the grounds as both are so interconnected.

The major  cricket event of this year , the T20 international World cup is scheduled in October 2020 in Australia and the authorities have kept their fingers crossed and are hoping that this menace does not extend to months.

All in all, its a grim situation with corona virus cases  also being increasingly  identified in India . Since this decease does not yet have any medical cure as of now,  lots of medical dos and donts are being published . Washing hands thoroughly with sanitizers, avoiding large gatherings, covering faces with masks, restrictions on long distance  travelling are some of the major dos or donts and the awareness is being driven by the government of the country. The medical fraternity of the World is focussing on the situation very closely

We only hope that this situation will get diffused in course of time and human life accross the planet gets normalised sooner than later. However till then we have to safeguard ourselves and all sporting events including cricket will have to wait till the scenario improves.


Amitava Mukherjee

A commerce graduate with work experience in Banking sector. An avid sports enthusiast. Big fan of soccer cricket and tennis

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