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Cricket in Australia set to resume from June 6


The sporting activities in the world has come to a standstill. Ever since the corona virus outbreak happened many major sporting events have either been cancelled or been postponed. Cricket is no exception. But as soon as football in European circuit came back to ground as German league Bundesliga resumed other sports are also contemplating on getting back to ground. In cricket it is the turn for Cricket Australia as cricket all set to make a comeback in Australian soil with club cricket getting ready to start.

Club cricket set to resume in Australia from June 6. The cricketers specifically the bowlers will not be allowed to use sweat or saliva to shine the ball in the competition and Darwin Cricket Management (DCM) group is exploring various options. One of those includes having umpires involved in ball-shining using a wax applicator.


Clubs will be required to complete a Covid-19 safety plan assessment and submit it to the Northern Territory Government before they can resume play. Some details are still being worked out with Cricket Australia.

DCM chair Lachlan Baird told ABC Grandstand “We’re confident we will haver clear guidelines from CA with what is and isn’t going to be allowed. Some consideration is now being given to whether things like that wax applicator will become part of cricket’s new normal.”


Subhabrata Mukherjee

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