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ICC releases new guidelines to resume cricket post covid situation


Covid 19 , the virus has changed the way people used to live their life before the spread of the infection. The game of Cricket is no exception as well. Like all the other sports it will definitely go through some changes in its rules , regulations and obviously guidelines. The world governing body for Cricket- ICC has recently came up with some guidelines to be strictly followed by all the concerns when cricket returns to field.

ICC advised its members to resume cricket but only if there is no risk of local transmission. As some of the member nations are on the process of easing restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic, the ICC recently came up with the comprehensive guidelines aimed at getting the sport up and running around the world. Have a brief look at some of those regulations recently released by ICC :-

∆ From now in on field umpires specially needs to wear gloves in their hands mandatorily.

∆ Gloved umpires not to hold sweaters, sunglasses and other apparels used by the Cricketers.

∆ ‘Safety first’ is one of the primary considerations of the ICC’s back-to-cricket guidelines and involving the governments and adhering to the guidelines issued by them at all stages is a must.

—– England remains one of the most affected countries among the major cricket-playing nations. Countries like India and Pakistan are witnessing a spike in the number of coronavirus positive cases in recent weeks.

∆ ICC added that during the international tours maintaining social distance is a must and they recommended the use of chartered planes for that.

∆ During the series or camp or before it covid test is must for cricketers.

∆ According to ICC before the start of the series pre match isolation camp of 14 days is a must and during that period covid test for all the concerns is a must.

∆ Every ICC member country to mandatorily have a chief medical officer accompanying them in every series.

∆ Long before the release of these guidelines Anil Kumble led ICC panel have banned the use of saliva on the balls but sweat is allowed to poilsh the balls. Even wax applicator may be applied in the presence of the on-field umpires to shine the ball but that decision is not been officially confirmed yet.

∆ Carrying hand sanitizers inside the kits of a cricketer and using it at regular intervals is must from jow on.

ICC added: “Every effort should be made to ensure that risks associated with the cricket environment — field of play, training venue, changing rooms, equipment, management of the ball have been mitigated before any training session or match.”


Subhabrata Mukherjee

A Banker by profession, Freelance sports writer for National & Regional Bengali Website.

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