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Proposed changes in next AGM may see Saurav Ganguly as BCCI head for longer duration.

BCCI's 88th AGM to be held on 1st December

The stage is set for the upcoming Annual General Meeting of BCCI to be held on 1st December 2019 and the current secretary ,Jay Shah has finalised the proposed list of constitutional amendments to be brought in the upcoming AGM.  Couple  of the major proposed amendments coming up are the appointment of new ombudsman and ethics officer and also creation of a new cricket advisory committee.  Further the constitutional changes proposed mentions that a 3/4 th majority of the members at an AGM or SGM alone will be enough for making amendments for various rules and regulations to go through.

However the biggest proposed change of rule is relating to the current tenure of new BCCI President and Secretary . The existing rule that any office bearer who has held any post for 2 consecutive terms either in BCCI or in any state Association shall not be allowed to contest any election or hold any further  post until the completion of cooling off period is now being amended as below :

A President or a secretary who had served in such a position for 2 consecutive terms in BCCI only ( not a state association) shall not be eligible to contest without the completion of cooling off period .

This amendment will clear the deck for both President Saurav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah to to complete their 3 year term in office post which they can even seek a re-election  which will be a welcome change from the current rule under which Ganguly can hold his post for only 9 months more as he has aleady served as CAB president till last October.

If the above proposed changes gets passed in the coming AGM , it will be another big feather in the cap for Ganguly ,who has already made his presence felt in his first few days as the President by breaking the ice on day night test cricket to be embraced by Team India. However in order implement more complicated ideas and proposals one needs a decent and longer term at the office instead of a few months.

It is hoped that the some of these important proposals for changes will get passed off in the forthcoming AGM for BCCI to have a more settled look which will allow all the office bearers to exercise their responsibilities without further confusions.




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