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T20WC 2007 hero Joginder Sharma playing the match of his life

DSP of Hisar is now Indian Cricket and nation's pride

Remember , who bowled the all important last 3 balls of the inaugural T20 World cup final between India and Pakistan ?

Misbah ul Haq had smashed Harbhajan Singh for 20 plus runs in the 18th over to send shivers in the Indian camp and when the last over was to be bowled , Pakistan was 2 to 3 hits away from a win. Dhoni had to choose between an experienced Harbhajan and the rookie Joginder Sharma and finally after some soul searching went for the latter , ready to invite crushing criticisms should Joginder fail. The 1st ball of Joginder was a big wide (sign of nerves ?) , the 2nd was smashed straight by Misbah for a 6.  With 6 required off 4 balls , Misbah wanted to settle the issue in the 3rd ball itself  by attempting a delicate lap shot over Sreeshant at fine leg but got more height than distance which allowed Sreeshant to take the all important grab to get India through by the barest margin of 5 runs and thus Dhoni’s gamble with Joginder turned out to be a masterstroke !!!

However Joginder did not have an extended career in cricket which was cut short by a serious accident which he survived. Destiny had a different story set for him as the rookie of that Sunday afternoon in September 2007 went through the police ranks and is currently holding a responsible post of DSP (Deputy  Superintendent of Police ) of Hisar district of Haryana . With the Corona pandemic taking alarming proportions in the universe and threatening to spread rapidly in India , Joginder ,in a high responsible designation is working tirelessly along with his police force to combat the biggest enemy of  mankind at current dates. Speaking to a leading English daily , the man who took the mantle of that last over in the Worldcup T20 final talked about the massive challenges that he is facing in his current capacity in trying to keep the overall situation in control as the country is in lockdown to combat the Corona menace. Joginder has mentioned that he is away from his family for several weeks and keeps in touch through video calls. In past several days he is having barely 4 hours of sleep with the days starting in a strategy meeting followed by visiting several areas in trying to provide masks , medical equipments, medicines and essential items to the people in this unforseen crisis. His duties also involves in educating the people of the importance of social distancing and staying indoors to combat the menace. When he was asked about the challenge of bowling that final over compared to his current assignment,  he categorically stated that the challenge of the final moments of that final game cannot even compare to the challenges that he is facing currently as a DSP to keep situation under control and this is a responsibility of massive significance. He said that if India had lost that final, nobody would have lost their lives but here it is protecting of human lives against this unprecedented crisis which is threatening to assume catastrophic proportions having already succeeded in many western nations.

Indeed destiny had very noble things in store for Joginder . The loss to Indian cricket is a big gain to  the nation’s government service. The dedication with which he played his cricket is in bigger evidence now in his current assignment and the nation will surely accept this loss in its most popular sport to accept the larger picture.

We in cricview are all behind in support for Joginder Sharma as he dedicates himself to serve the nation to fight the critical spread of  Corona virus .

The last over hero of T20 World cup final is the real hero now , helping in steering the nation to combat the invisible enemy.


Amitava Mukherjee

A commerce graduate with work experience in Banking sector. An avid sports enthusiast. Big fan of soccer cricket and tennis

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