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Video watch : Unplayable bowling by hostile West Indies fast bowlers

In the concluding blog on unplayable fast bowling, we run through some fiery fast bowling by the intimidating West Indies fast bowling demons of the 1980s to 1990s vintage in particular.  The West Indians always used to instill lots of fear factor amongst the world’s leading batsmen and very few of those top class batsmen managed to score runs off them on consistent basis.  Some of the top batsmen of the world who managed to negotiate these bowling greats  from time to time during their 1976 to 1995 absolute peak period were Gavaskar, Gooch, Lamb, Amarnath,  Border, Vengsarkar, Martin Crowe, Miandad, Boon, Mark Taylor ,Alec Stewart  and Steve Waugh. However even these illustrious lot of batsmen also had their moments of struggle against them.

Below are the unplayable deliveries provided bowlerwise:

Andy Roberts: Gets Greg Chappell here with his famous short ball . Ball right on Chappell’s throat and he could not control the bounce.

Click here for Andy Roberts unplayable ball


Michael Holding : His rhythmic runup was a treat for the eyes. Here he gets Tony Greig with  a great fast yorker.

Click here for Michael Holding unplayable delivery


Joel Garner : The big bird was a fearful sight when he used to run in to bowl with his huge 6foot 8 inch frame and his short balls were unplayable. Here Graeme Fowler had no answer to his searing short lifting ball in 1984 series.

Click here for Joel Garner unplayable delivery


Colin Croft : Hostile.   Difficult to pick due to his different bowling action. Superb delivery here to get lefthander Rodney Marsh.

Click here for Colin Croft unplayable delivery


Malcolm Marshall  :  Fast and furious.  Brilliant strike rate. Legend. One of the finest ever and very destructive.  Here he gets Chris Broad with a deadly short ball.

Click here for Malcolm Marshall unplayable delivery


Courtney Walsh :  Relentless in  bowling over after overs. Was highest test  wicket taker till Murali took over. Normally unflappable Atherton knew nothing about this delivery.

Click here for Courtney Walsh unplayable delivery


Curtley Ambrose :  Deadly fast bowler. Could use his height to cause havoc . Here he flattens Robin Smith’s stumps with a deadly incutter.

Click here for Curtley Ambrose unplayable delivery


Ian Bishop:  Injuries cut short a promising career, maybe much to the relief of international batsmen. Was very quick at his peak and capable of causing devastation like Marshall and Ambrose . In the footage , bowls an unplayable short ball to Greame Hick.

Click here for Ian Bishop unplayable delivery


We look forward to bring more such series of cricketing skills in video footages.  Some spin bowling, fielding skills and more batting skills.


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