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Video Watch : Was MS Dhoni the first Indian to play the helicopter shot ?

MS Dhoni has over the years brought such joy to the Indian public with his great keeping skills and even more for his sensational batting which has gone through several layers from the one dimensional ferocious one in his early years to a more multi dimensional as he progressed through his  international career in much the same way as his hairstyle changed over the years. Dhoni has still retained his ferocious strokeplay but is more circumspect at start as his “computer” tends to make the moves within his head. Of all the breathtaking strokes that he plays, the helicopter shot is the most loved , which he unleashes once in a while but when he does, the crowd goes off like firecrackers.

Watch MS Dhoni helicopter shot  clicking this link

Dhoni has made this shot his patent but is it true that nobody have played this shot in India before him ?

For that answer let’s look at below 2 videos

Click on below :

Viswanath helicopter flick shot

Gundappa Viswanath was probably the first Indian batsman to play the helicopter shot. With his wristy onside batting ,his flicks towards  midwicket region resembled helicopter shot in many cases  ,with the follow through of his.

Click on below :

Azharuddin helicopter flick shot

Md Azharuddin was very wristy as we all know and his flicks on the oneside resembled the helicopter shots in many cases . He played that shot pretty often and quiet beautifully.

So, it appears that couple of star Indian players before Dhoni , were adept in playing the helicopter shot but  there is no doubt ,that Dhoni is the best exponent of this shot currently and is probably the first to hit a 6 off helicopter shot.


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